About Reptiles Life

Jennifer MunsellWhen I was seven years old, I begged and pleaded for a cute fluffy puppy. I got a lizard instead.

My parents said I should start with something smaller and easier to take care of, and if I proved myself capable, then I could renegotiate about getting a dog. I got on board and happily took mommyhood of an adorable beardie. I named him Pascale and he became the sidekick to my Rapunzel as I drew and colored.

I never asked for that puppy. Instead, I asked for a chameleon, and then an iguana, and before I knew it, reptiles have become a fixture in my life. I joined the reptile lovers club in my high school, my first job was in a vet clinic that specialized in lizards, and my fashion school showcase featured reptile-inspired prints and patterns.

Reptiles have become my life! Thus, ReptilesLife.

ReptilesLife is a resource on reptiles for reptile owners. If you need to know anything that has to do with lizards, snakes, or turtles, I’ll make sure to give it to you.

I maintain this site because I feel that reptiles have long been undervalued as pets, and I want to let more and more people know what awesome companions they make, undemanding yet so responsive and affectionate.

And for those who have embraced them as friends, I also want to show support by giving legit information on how to care for them and love them well, as reliable resources are still few and far between.

I hope this site helps your pet have a great life with you! Happy reading!

Best regards from one reptile lover to another,



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