Are Bearded Dragons Friendly?

They may be extremely popular lizard pets, but are bearded dragons friendly, or are they best kept as hands-off display pets? Fortunately, bearded dragons that are bought, bred, and sold in the U.S. are all generationally captive-bred. This means the “wildness” that keeps them alive in the Australian Outback has largely been bred out of …

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How Do Lizards Have Babies?

Do lizards lay eggs? How do lizards have babies? There is no simple answer to this question! This article breaks down the three most common ways that lizards reproduce with examples of each lizard that you may find in a reptile enthusiast’s collection! It turns out, lizards are pretty unique animals when it comes to …

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Blue Tongue Skink Care Guide

Blue-tongued skinks are quite underrated pets in the world of reptile pets! Blue-tongued skink care is actually fairly simple to set up and manage, even for beginner reptile owners. The care of these lizards is comparable to, if not easier than, that of bearded dragons. These unique lizards need a substantial amount of floor space …

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What Do Anoles Eat?

What do anoles eat in the wild and how would this help you know what to feed them at home to give them the best chance to thrive? We’ve got everything you need to know in our complete guide to how to feed your green anole lizard. Feeding your anole clean and healthy food that …

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