The Cutest, Cooliest, Punniest Pet Lizard Names

Updated: August 3, 2022 by Jennifer Munsell

Best Lizard Names

Naming your lizard is a fun process because you reveal something about yourself as well as your pet when you choose a name for your lizard. Choosing the best pet lizard name should take a little time while you decide on what kind of name you want.

There are scientific names, cool names, cute names, names that are puns, and fantasy names that you can draw on from your favorite books, movies, or T.V series. The list is really endless, and anything you name your lizard will be great as long as you’re happy with it. Most lizards don’t really recognize their names, but it’s still a fun way to give them some personality and bond with them.

However, we know that the process of choosing a name for any pet can be daunting, so we have compiled a list of names for you to use as your lizard’s name or to use as inspiration for some other totally dope name that you come up with.

Read on to find one of the best names for your pet lizard!

Scientific Lizard Names and Ideas

Real scientific names are generally chosen for the people who recorded the animal for the scientific community, to honor someone else, such as the Pogona henrylawsoni, named for Australian poet Henry Lawson, and some are named after their appearance, such as the leopard gecko, whose official name is Eublepharis (meaning “true eyelids”) macularius (meaning “spotted”).

If you are a complete science buff, then you could name your lizard with something to do with their scientific name. You could use the scientific name as it is, or you could play around with it. Scientific names are easy to find on the internet!

For example, the genus name for bearded dragons is Pogona. Therefore, your bearded dragon could be called Poggy or Pogs.

The scientific name for leopard geckos is Eublepharis macularius. Therefore, your leopard gecko could be called Eubles or Mac! Remember that macularis is describing the spots on your leopard gecko so this would be very appropriate if you have an especially spotty leo!

The scientific name for crested geckos is Correlophus ciliatus. Therefore, your crested gecko could be called Cory or Cilli. These geckos come from New Caledonia, so you could also use that for a name, for example, Cale, Callie, Doni, or Donia.

The scientific name for a veiled chameleon is Chamaeleo calyptratus. Therefore, you can call your veiled chameleon Chammy, Caly, or Calypso.

Some official scientific names are a bit harder to experiment with. For instance, the scientific name for green iguanas is simply Iguana iguana. So naming them something clever with their scientific name might be a little difficult in this case, but there is always the trusty Iggy! You could alternatively do something cool and match the color green they are with the color name like Sage, Shamrock, or Juniper!

Scientific Lizard Names and Ideas

Cool Lizard Names

Maybe you are a really cool she, he, or they and need a name for your lizard that matches your level of epicness! You want their name to be the great signifier of their awesomeness that none of your friends could doubt!

If this is the case, then read on for 30 of the best cool lizard names!

  1. Speed
  2. Drag (or Dragon)
  3. Drago
  4. Spyro
  5. Scratch
  6. Croc (This might frighten your visitor until they see what an absolute cutie your lizard is!)
  7. Butch
  8. Spike
  9. Dexter
  10. Tiberius
  11. Zilla
  12. Reptar
  13. Fire/Fyre
  14. Wurm
  15. Abraxas
  16. Hale
  17. Orion
  18. Vishnu
  19. Reema
  20. Zena
  21. Elder
  22. Solar
  23. Tracer
  24. Ozzy
  25. Tank
  26. Scorch
  27. Fuego
  28. Bolt
  29. Ash
  30. Flint

Cute Lizard Names

Some lizards are just suited to cutesy names because of their personalities or appearances. Crested geckos and leopard geckos are especially adorable in the way that they chip and chatter. They also have adorably large eyes and goofy smiles that practically beg for a cute name!

Try out some of these 30 pet lizard names and see if one of them fits with your adorable lizard.

  1. Pudge
  2. Tiny
  3. Chomp
  4. Spot (it it has spots, like leopard geckos)
  5. Pokey
  6. Nessie
  7. Boo
  8. Buzz
  9. Poppet
  10. Pepper
  11. Sticky
  12. Dino
  13. Fluffy
  14. Bugs
  15. Fluffball
  16. Pebbles
  17. Lil’(your last name)
  18. Tasi
  19. Smudge
  20. Happy
  21. Small Fry
  22. Squirt
  23. Pip
  24. Scuttlebutt
  25. Chubs
  26. Pancake
  27. Scamp
  28. Bouncy
  29. Cuddles
  30. Sandy

Punny/Funny Lizard Names

Many people get a kick out of naming their pets something that is funny, ironic or a straight-up pun. Not only is this a fun thing to do every time you call out your pet’s name, but it is also a great conversation starter!

Punny/Funny Lizard Names

If you have a serious need for giggles and want to express your sense of humor through your lizard’s name, see if one of these 30 names tickles your funny bone!

  1. Lizzy Maguire
  2. Lizard of Oz
  3. Toto
  4. Lizardo DiCaprio
  5. Rap-tile
  6. Queen Elizarbeth
  7. Salo-Mander
  8. Lizarbella
  9. Vampira
  10. Smokie
  11. Blep
  12. Mlem
  13. Chewbacca (Chewy)
  14. Obi-wan (these are not the lizards you are looking for!)
  15. Godzilla
  16. Santa Claws
  17. Cricket
  18. Lizard Scissorhands
  19. Rocky
  20. Sir Francis Drake
  21. Darwin
  22. Beasty
  23. Soot
  24. Zippo
  25. Bic
  26. Smokey
  27. Cliffhanger
  28. Dragon Malfoy
  29. Bearded Lady
  30. Roach

Fantasy Lizard Names

This section of names is always a favorite amongst the lizard-owning community. There are many famous lizards and reptiles in books, movies, and T.V series that we all bond over and have fond memories of.

There is no higher compliment you can pay your lizard than by giving them a famous name to live up to!

Here is a list of 30 of the best lizard names in the fantasy genre broken up into their respective subcategories for you to browse through!

Game of Thrones

  1. Drogon
  2. Viserion
  3. Rhaegal
  4. Khal/Khaleesi
  5. Danaerys (Dany)
  6. Balerion (win points for obscurity)
  7. Archonei (even more points for obscurity)

Harry Potter

  1. Norbet
  2. Fireball
  3. Viktor Krum
  4. Cedric Diggory
  5. Horntail
  6. Harry (Just so you can say: you’re a lizard, Harry!)
  7. Hagrid
  8. Fang

How to Train Your Dragon

  1. Stormfly
  2. Toothless
  3. Bewilderbeast
  4. Singetail
  5. Rumblehorn

Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit

  1. Gollum
  2. Smaug

Standalone Movies

  1. Puff (Puff The Magic Dragon)
  2. Falkore (The Neverending Story)
  3. Pendragon (The Arthurian Legends; Arthur’s last name is Pendragon)
  4. Jabberwocky (Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland)
  5. Mushu (Mulan)
  6. Rango (Rango)
  7. Pascal (Tangled)
  8. Littlefoot (Land Before Time)

Did You Know?

Did you know that there is a real Smaug? Smaug is the genus name of a group of spiny lizards in southern Africa. The Smaug giganteus is one of the most well-known Smaug lizards, and its common name is the giant sungazer lizard.

J.R.R. Tolkein was born in South Africa. He drew inspiration from South Africa’s nature for his work. This is where he got the name for Smaug the dragon in The Lord of the Rings series and the Hobbit!

FAQs About Naming Pet Lizards

How do I choose my pet lizard’s name?

If you are still unsure of how to go about choosing a name, then examine your lizard very carefully and answer these sets of questions:

  • What are my lizards’ full scientific and common names? Can I make something completely unique and interesting out of these?
  • What color is my lizard? Will it change color over time? Can I name my lizard something to do with their coloring, like Jade, Chartreuse, or Bumblebee?
  • Does my lizard have an interesting pattern? Can I name my lizard something like Spot, Stripey, Ringo, or Patches?
  • Does my lizard have horns, spikes, or a beard? Can I name it something like Horny, Spike, Blackbeard, or Rhino?
  • What is my lizard’s favorite food? Could I name it something cheeky like Cricket, Roach, Dandelion, or Apple?
  • Does my lizard make noise? Can I name it Squeaky, Chirpy, or Chatterbox?

Use these questions to help guide you on picking a name that is closely related to some part of your lizard’s life. If it is unique and not completely obvious like Jade or Dandelion, then you have an excellent conversation starter!

Can I change my lizard’s name?

Of course you can change your lizard’s name!

A lizard is not like a dog or cat that can respond to its name because it recognizes the sound. If you have named your lizard Red, and as it gets older it changes color, then of course you can change it up!

Does the sex of my lizard matter?

Sexing lizards can be difficult and is not necessary unless you are wanting to breed them or house multiple lizards together.

Therefore, you can name your lizard whatever you want, no matter if it is a male or female. Most names are completely unisex, as they are not engendered as they would be for humans.

If you name your lizard Butch and suddenly Butch lays an egg, then you can change it up or keep it the same!

A Final Word on Naming Your Lizards

Naming your pet lizard is a personal process, and you need to be happy with the end result. There are so many names out there that you may have difficulty deciding on which is the best lizard name for your little lizzy.

Hopefully, by this point, you either have a name picked out from our lists or you have a direction to go in and some inspiration to draw from! Either way, good luck with naming your lizard!

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