Do Bearded Dragons Like Blankets? (+4 Best Blankies)

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do beardies like blankets

Bearded dragons are rough, scaly creatures who live in dens, climb rocks, and chow down on crunchy insects. You do not generally picture them cuddled up in blankets at the end of a hard day’s basking! However, bearded dragon blankets are a real thing because most beardies in captivity actually adore being blanket burritoed!

Surprisingly, many bearded dragons love to be wrapped up in blankets for the comfortable feeling of soft fabric against their scaly skin. Some simply enjoy laying on top of the blanket itself to have a bit of a cushioned surface to sleep on.

To be clear, not all bearded dragons love blankets. Some prefer to live the hardcore life with out the cuddly comfort of their best blanky. However, most bearded dragons do love to have access to a soft blanket in their enclosures or when you are handling them.

Not all blankets are created equal, though, and some do pose risks to bearded dragons. Keep reading to find out what those risks could be and what our top picks for bearded dragon blankets are!

Do Bearded Dragons Like Blankets?


Most bearded dragons like blankets. They enjoy the softness of the blanket as it is comforting against their scales.

Additionally, many bearded dragons love to burrow into their blankets and bury themselves inside of them. This makes a very soft but secure feeling cave for your bearded dragon.

However, some bearded dragons do not like blankets and will actively avoid them, sometimes even kicking them to the sides and corners of their enclosure. If you have a bearded dragon that will not go near its blanket, try a different colored or textured fabric and see if they prefer that instead.

When choosing the right kind of blanket to get, you can put a number of items of your own (clean) clothing on the floor that are different fabrics and colors and see which your bearded dragon is drawn to and starts burrowing into!

What Can Blankets Provide Bearded Dragons?

Blankets provide bearded dragons with a sense of comfort and security. They are dark and cozy. Your bearded dragon can curl up surrounded by one and be in complete darkness. This provides your beardie with a sense of security without being squashed.

Blankets can also provide mental stimulation and enrichment as they provide different textures and smells to interact with, which is exciting!

What Dangers Can Blankets Pose to Bearded Dragons?

Again, not all blankets are created equal, and some can be outright dangerous or toxic to bearded dragons. Keep these factors in mind when searching for a soft blanky for your beardie.


If the blanket has ornaments on it like tassels, buttons, shells, or beads, then these can be accidentally ingested by your bearded dragon which will lead to severe impaction.

Impaction is the blockage of the digestive tract which needs surgical intervention when big enough.

Additionally, your bearded dragon may get their claws stuck on the dangling tassels, buttons, etc. They can easily injure themselves in this way. Avoid blankets with ornamentation or any loose decorations hanging off them.

Loose Threads

Apart from strange adornments, some blankets can be dangerous to bearded dragons because they have loose threads that can get caught on your beardie’s nails and rip them out. Always check your beardie’s blanket for loose threads or holes to ensure they are safe.

Heat Exchange

Bearded dragons are reptiles. Therefore, they cannot produce their own body heat. If you wrap them in a blanket, the blanket itself will not keep them warm, as your beardie is losing their body heat into the fabric and not generating any more.

Unfortunately, this has led to some unfortunate cases where beardies have died because their owners thought just a blanket would keep them warm.

However, you can use a blanket to trap in heat and keep your beardie warm if you also hold them against your body or put them under a warm light. This way, the heat from your body or the light will penetrate through the fabric and warm their bodies, too.

Our Picks for Bearded Dragon Blankets!

1. NAN PIPER Baby Sherpa Blanket (Best Overall)

NANPIPER Baby Sherpa Blanket,Warm Toddler Throw Blanket,Soft Newborn Fleece Blanket for Winter (Light Grey,30x40 inches)

This is actually a baby blanket! This blanket is double-sided. One side is velvety soft fleece, and the other is sherpa. This means the blanket is excellent at trapping exterior warmth inside of it, which is ideal for bearded dragons.


  • The Nanpiper comes in a variety of colors, so picking your beardie’s favorite is an easy task.
  • It is machine washable and can go in the dryer without shrinking!
  • Large enough for large adult bearded dragons


  • It is a large blanket that would take up too much space in some smaller enclosures.

Both sides of the blanket are extremely soft and will be gentle on your bearded dragon’s skin, so you do not need to worry about irritation or pulling while your beardie is shedding.


2. YUYUSO Reptile Sleeping Bag with Pillow and Blanket for Bearded Dragon

YUYUSO Reptile Sleeping Bag with Pillow and Blanket for Bearded Dragon Leopard Gecko Lizard

This one is a product specifically designed for bearded dragons. It is a sleeping bag-style bed and blanket with a support pillow attached with velcro to the top of the quilted bed.


  • Ultra cute!
  • Can be placed inside of the enclosure near the basking spot for extra warmth.
  • Easy to clean


  • The mattress measures at 12.5 inches long and 9.6 inches wide, which is too small for many adult bearded dragons.

The blanket that comes with the bed is made of very soft fleece. The mattress itself is made of spray bonded cotton, which is resistant to balling up in the wash.The blanket is fixed to the mattress on the corners so your bearded dragon’s tail can stick out comfortably!


3. Super Soft Cute Dot Pattern Pet Blanket Flannel Throw

1 Pack 3 Blankets Super Soft Cute Dot Pattern Pet Blanket Flannel Throw for Dog Puppy Cat Beige/Brown/Pink Small

This comes in a pack of 3 blankets and they are super soft and fluffy to provide your bearded dragon with optimal comfort. The flannel throws come in a variety of colors and have little polka dots quilted onto them.



  • Too large to comfortably fit in smaller enclosures without cluttering floor space.

These great blankets are comforting as well as mentally stimulating to your bearded dragon when it goes in for a good cuddle!


4. GROLENT Fleece Pet Blanket (Best Budget)

GROLENT 6 Pack Puppy Dog Blankets Fleece Pet Blanket for Dog Puppy Cats Pets(Multicolored 30 x 20 inches)

This Grolent blanket is our best budget pick because it comes with six blankets in the single pack! This is enough to last your bearded dragon a lifetime!


  • Thin and lightweight
  • Durable
  • Machine washable
  • Can be tumble dried without fading or shrinking


  • Too large to fit inside smaller enclosures without cluttering the floor space.

These blankets are made out of a comfortable double-sided fleece, which means they trap heat well and they are super affordable!


FAQs About Beardies and Blankets

Does the color of my bearded dragon’s blanket make a difference?

Bearded dragons can see different colors. Using bright and bold colors can help stimulate your bearded dragon’s intelligent side while they are being cuddled up in the blanket.

You could swap out your bearded dragon’s blanket every week for different colored ones to spark their interest.

Does the pattern on my bearded dragon’s blanket make a difference?

The patterns on your bearded dragon’s blanket will not hurt them. In fact, it may increase their mental stimulation and be beneficial to them to have patterned blankets!

What else can I use my bearded dragon’s blanket for?

You can wrap up little bearded dragon treats in the blanket and let them nose around in it. This is an excellent enrichment activity for them because they get to dig around in their blanket, which is comforting while seeking out nutritious little tidbits and problem-solving.

At the Tail End of Things…

Giving your bearded dragon a blanket is a smart move! This is because blankets provide them with mental stimulation by looking at the different colors and patterns as well as digging around and burrowing!

Blankets give bearded dragons some peace and quiet in the dark while soothing them with the cozy feeling of the fabric against their scaly skin. You can also use your bearded dragon’s blanket as an enrichment tool to keep them occupied and encourage them to use their problem solving skills!

Always be discerning when choosing your bearded dragon’s blanket, and look out for dangerous items like decorations, loose threads, and holes, as they can choke your bearded dragon, cause an impaction, and tear off their claws.

However, when you find your beardie’s best blanket, know that your beardie will be in love with the comforting cuddles for the rest of its life!

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