180 Best Turtle Names

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Best Turtle Names

It is always challenging to choose the perfect name for any pet, especially for exotic pets like reptiles and amphibians! Fortunately, unlike with dogs, where you will also want to choose a simple name they will be able to recognize and learn, you can name your turtle or tortoise almost anything. In this article, we have put together a few lists of the best names for turtles and tortoises to give you plenty of inspiration.

If you don’t find the perfect name, hopefully, you will at least find some ideas that point you in the right direction. Happy hunting!

Clever Turtle Names

Why not try one of these clever names based on the characteristics of a turtle?

  1. Bulldozer – since nothing stops a turtle once they are on the march
  2. Camo – many turtles’ shells provide them with clever camouflage!
  3. Caveman – because they live in their own personal cave
  4. Coconut – since they have a hard shell like a coconut, and they are also found on the beach
  5. Flipper – for their flipper-like feet
  6. Marshell – a militant (and punny!) name that uses their shell as inspiration
  7. Peek-a-Boo – since they will often play this with you
  8. Pokey – as they poke their heads out of their shells (and they’re slow-moving!)
  9. Scooter – as you will notice that they scoot around
  10. Sheldon – for their shell and the Big Bang Theory character
  11. Shell-Shocker – especially if they have a tendency to run into things
  12. Shelly – for their portable home
  13. Snail – the two animals do share some prominent traits!
  14. Snappy – when they bite, they often seem to snap their mouths (especially snapping turtles)
  15. Speedy – its meant to be ironic, but some turtles are quite fast
  16. Tank – because many turtles are built strong like tanks
  17. Turbo – another cheeky reference to their speed
  18. Turtleneck – the classic jumper is named after them
  19. Waddle – for their waddling walk

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Names Based on Turtle Characters

There have been lots of famous fictional turtles throughout history in books, TV, movies, and more! Why not borrow a turtle name from pop culture?

Names Based on Turtle Characters

  1. Bentley Turtle – the military turtle in Sly Cooper
  2. Bert the Turtle – the gullible turtle in Duck and Cover
  3. Bowser – the evil boss-turtle in Super Mario
  4. Burt – the turtle in Danger Rangers
  5. Cecil Turtle – the groggy turtle from Tortoise Wins by a Hare
  6. Crush – the surfer turtle that gives Nemo a lift in Finding Nemo
  7. Donatello – the purple Ninja Turtle that fights with a staff
  8. Franklin – the titular turtle in the kids’ cartoon
  9. Ghido – the turtle in Final Fantasy V
  10. Gramps – the grumpy old turtle in The Rescuers
  11. Kongwe – the beautiful turtle in The Lion Guard
  12. Lenny Turtletaub – the Hollywood turtle in Bojack Horseman
  13. Leonardo – the blue Ninja Turtle, often portrayed as the intellectual
  14. Michaelangelo – the orange Ninja Turtle the likes pizza the most
  15. Morla – the ancient turtle from the Neverending Story
  16. Oogway – the old master turtle in Kung Fu Panda
  17. Raphael – the red Ninja Turtle
  18. Sammy – the adventurous turtle from A Turtle’s Tale
  19. Squirt – the baby turtle in Finding Nemo
  20. Squirtle – the aquatic turtle in Pokemon
  21. Tank – the turtle from My Little Pony
  22. Terraspin – the fighting turtle in Ben 10
  23. Toby Tortoise – the slow turtle from the Tortoise and the Hare
  24. Toby Turtle – the shy turtle from Disney’s animated Robin Hood
  25. Tortoise John – the turtle cowboy from Rango
  26. Tortimer – the turtle from Animal Crossing
  27. Tuck – the Renaissance turtle in Wonder Pets
  28. Turtwig – the terrestrial turtle in Pokemon
  29. Verne – the friendly turtle in Over the Fence
  30. Yertle the Turtle – the Dr Seuss character
  31. Zippy – a reference to the adorable TY Beanie Baby turtle (a perfect name for surprisingly fast turtles!)

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Divine and Mythological Turtle Names

Since most turtles love the water, why not name yours after one of the many gods of the sea?

  1. Abzu – Mesopotamian god of freshwater
  2. Aegis – Norse god of the sea
  3. Anuket – Egyptian god of the Nile
  4. Belisama – Celtic goddess of lakes and rivers
  5. Brigid – Irish goddess associated with water, where streams join
  6. Bunzi – goddess of rain, rainbows, and water in Kongo
  7. Dodola – Slavic goddess of rain
  8. Ezili – Benin goddess of sweet water, beauty, and love
  9. Funza – goddess or water and malformations in Kongo
  10. Hapi – Egyptian god of the annual Nile flood
  11. Grannus – Celtic god associated with thermal spas and mineral springs
  12. Jurturna – Roman goddess of fountains, wells, and springs
  13. Khnum – God of the Nile in Egypt
  14. Kinbazi – goddess of sea storms in the African Kongo religion
  15. Laume – Lithuanian goddess of wild waters
  16. Lir – Irish god of the sea
  17. Marduk – Mesopotamian god of water, vegetation, judgment, and magic
  18. Medusa – one of the Greek monstrous sea spirits
  19. Mokosh – Slavic lady of the water
  20. Moryana – Slavic giant female seas spirit
  21. Nammu – Mesopotamian goddess of the primeval sea
  22. Neptune – Roman god of the sea
  23. Nix – Nordic water spirits
  24. Njord – Asgardian god of the sea
  25. Nommos – amphibious spirits worshipped as ancestors in the Dogon religion
  26. Nu – Egyptian god of primordial waters
  27. Nyami Nyami – Zimbabwean water spirit
  28. Olokun – a Yoruba ocean orisha, or spirit
  29. Oshun – a Yoruba river orisha, or spirit
  30. Poseidon – Greek god of the sea
  31. Proteus – the shapeshifting Greek sea god
  32. Ran – Norse sea giant
  33. Satet – Egyptian goddess of the Nile
  34. Sobek – Egyptian Nile god with the head of a crocodile
  35. Thetis – Greek Nereid that presides over the spawning of marine life
  36. Tiamat – Mesopotamian goddess of saltwater and chaos
  37. Triton – King of the merpeople
  38. Veles – Slavic god of water and the underworld
  39. Venus – Greek goddess that emerges from a seashell
  40. Yam – Canaanite god of the sea
  41. Yemoja – principal water goddess or the Yoruba religion

Best Turtle Names from Foreign Languages

You could, of course, just call your turtle, “turtle,” but why not make it more interesting by using a foreign language? Here are some foreign words that make good names.

Best Turtle Names from Foreign Languages

  1. Agua – “water” in Spanish
  2. Con Rua – “turtle” in Vietnamese
  3. Hav – “sea” in Danish
  4. Kilpikonna – “turtle” in Finnish
  5. Kornjaca – “turtle” in Croatia
  6. Mar – “ocean” in Portuguese
  7. Nadar – “swim” in Portuguese
  8. Plivati – “swim” in Croatian
  9. Simma – “swim” in Swedish
  10. Skildpadde – “turtle” in Danish
  11. Tartaruga – “turtle” in Portuguese
  12. Tortue – “turtle” in French
  13. Tortuga – “turtle” in Spanish
  14. Uida – “swim” in Finnish
  15. Vesi – “water” in Finnish
  16. Voda – “water” in Coratian
  17. Wasserschildkrote – “water turtle” in German
  18. Zee – “sea” in Dutch
  19. Zolw – “turtle” in Polish
  20. Pagong – “turtle” in Filipino

Best Turtle Names Based on Shields

Since the shell of a turtle looks a bit like a shield, why not look to famous shields and the heroes who wielded them from fiction and history for inspiration?

  1. Aegis – the famous Greek shield forged by the Cyclops
  2. Aeneas – he fled Troy with a shield forged by the god Vulcan
  3. Ancilia – a sacred shield from the Temple of Mars
  4. Berserker – the strongest of the Viking warriors
  5. Bucky Barnes – the Winter Soldier
  6. Centurion – Roman infantry warrior
  7. Clipeus – the shields used by the Romans
  8. Geralt (or Rivia) – the Witcher
  9. Jaivardhan – the shield of the Hindu god Vishnu
  10. Protego – the shield charm in Harry Potter
  11. Steve Rogers – Captain America’s real name
  12. Svalinn – legendary Norse shield that stands before the sun and protects the earth
  13. Valkyrie – divine Viking shieldmaidens
  14. Vikings – well-known for their round shields

Turtle Names Inspired by Mermaids

Like turtles, mermaids often live amphibiously and spend a lot of time in water and on land. Many mermaids from fiction and mythology could lend certainly their names to your turtle!

  1. Adella – one of Ariel’s older sisters
  2. Ariel – the titular protagonist from The Little Mermaid
  3. Azalea – a mermaid statute in Virginia
  4. Breena – mermaid from Waverly and the Magic Seashells
  5. Calypso – Greek nymph
  6. Celia – from The Mermaid Tales
  7. Coralia – mermaid from the 18th-century ballet
  8. Darya – Russian mermaid
  9. Fredrika – from the book Sleeping with the Fishes
  10. Ianthe – Greek ocean nymph
  11. Lorelei – legendary German mermaid
  12. Madison – the mermaid in Splash
  13. Miranda – from the book (and later movie) Aquamarine
  14. Naia – a mermaid from Mako: Island of Secrets (also means “dolphin” in Hawaiian!)
  15. Ryn – a mermaid from TV show Siren
  16. Sabrina – a mermaid from Celtic myth
  17. Sereia – “mermaid” in Portuguese
  18. Syrena and Tamara – the mermaids in Pirates of the Caribbean
  19. Triton – the father of Ariel
  20. Viviane – the Lady of the Lake in British myth
  21. Yemanja – Brazilian water spirit

Popular Turtle Names

Still not finding the inspiration you need? Below are some of the most popular turtle names.

  1. Aslan
  2. Aurelia
  3. Beryl
  4. Bean
  5. Bubbles
  6. Cantaloupe
  7. Clementine
  8. Cole
  9. Doris
  10. Flannery
  11. Flipper
  12. George
  13. Gloria
  14. Goji
  15. Jet
  16. Kale
  17. Nibbles
  18. Nugget
  19. Onyx
  20. Oriana
  21. Orville
  22. Peep
  23. Pipsqueak
  24. Plum
  25. Rosie
  26. Smiles
  27. Sunny
  28. Thalia
  29. Tiffany
  30. Tina
  31. Tricia
  32. Truffles
  33. Waddles
  34. Umber

Final Word

Finding the perfect name for your turtle can take a lot of searching around for inspiration. Aside from simply choosing something that feels right to you, there are no rules for choosing the perfect name. Unlike with dogs, where they will need to learn their name for training purposes, you can pretty much call your turtle anything.

Hopefully, you will find something that suits your scaly friend perfectly on our list of the best turtle names.

Do you have any recommendations for great names for turtles? Share them with the community in the comments section below.

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